Listen with your Eyes

Timbre has Synesthesia! Whistling is Blue Trumpet is sometimes Orange Well, sort of. The latest version of Timbre now displays the timbre of your instrument as a colour. The colour is chosen based on the relative strengths of the first few harmonics. I played around with several ways to map

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Bass Clarinet Timbre

I sampled a couple of notes from a Bass Clarinet, played by the amazing Linda. A middle C on a Bass clarinet has a very similar shape to the bottom notes of a “standard” Bb Clarinet. Which makes perfect sense, since the Bass Clarinet is, in fact,¬†a clarinet.   Here’s

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A Trailer for Tuner / Timbre Visualisation App

Here’s irony for you. It’s a trailer, for an app that is all about sound. And it’s a GIF, which can have no sound. However, Timbre has cool pictures. So here it is.

Party Whistle

You know those whistles that are popular at kids birthday parties, that unroll a paper tube and make a really annoying noise? Well, my daughter ripped off the paper tube and started blowing it. Party Whistle Timbre It’s a very annoying timbre. The structure of it seems to explain why

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Timbre of Trumpet Mutes

I shoved the Timbre app in front of Adam and got him to play a note with each of his mutes to see what they looked like. Here is an unmuted C. The indicated note is concert pitch. I forgot to change it. The harmonic at the 5th is quite

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Digital Piano

I have a digital piano that has a relatively realistic sound at home, so I played some notes to see how they look in the Timbre app. The first thing I noticed was that the picture changes as the note sustains. When the note is started, there are many more

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Tibetan Singing Bowl

So I was looking around the house for musical things to see what their timbre looks like on the Timbre app, and saw a Tibetan Singing Bowl.  I was given this as a gift a while ago. I believe that you are supposed to gently rub the wooden stick thing

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Timbre is Released

Thank you to all those who who gave feedback and helped to test Timbre. It’s finally released and¬†available on the App store. Download the App The app is available on the App Store. Download Mailing list! Sign up for the mailing list to get (infrequent) news about Timbre related things.

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Student Trumpet Timbre

I was after an example of trumpet Timbre. So I imposed upon my 12 year old son, Max, who has been playing for a few years now. His tone is pretty good, at least until the higher notes. Please excuse any blatant trumpet ignorance on my part.  So we started with

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