Month: April 2017

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A Trailer for Tuner / Timbre Visualisation App

Here’s irony for you. It’s a trailer, for an app that is all about sound. And it’s a GIF, which can have no sound. However, Timbre has cool pictures. So here it is.

Party Whistle

You know those whistles that are popular at kids birthday parties, that unroll a paper tube and make a really annoying noise? Well, my daughter ripped off the paper tube and started blowing it. Party Whistle Timbre It’s a very annoying timbre. The structure of it seems to explain why

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Timbre of Trumpet Mutes

I shoved the Timbre app in front of Adam and got him to play a note with each of his mutes to see what they looked like. Here is an unmuted C. The indicated note is concert pitch. I forgot to change it. The harmonic at the 5th is quite

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