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Clarinet Timbre in Rhapsody in Blue

I was trying to make a preview video for the upcoming release of the Timbre app and I worked out how to save a video of the app, so I combined practise for the upcoming concert of the Inner West Community Band with making the video.  As you might have

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What is Timbre?

Timbre is a word used to describe the particular quality of the sound of a single note of an instrument. It is what makes a oboe sound different from a flute, even when playing the same note. Texture is a similar word that is sometimes used to describe this kind

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Exploring Clarinet Timbre

I pulled out my Clarinet and wanted to see what Clarinet tone looked like in Timbre.   The Lowest E in the Chalumeau register looks like:     So there’s a nice strong harmonic at the B (5th) and some intriguing harmonics at a little under G#, a little above

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Why do notes “Beat” when they are almost in tune?

When two notes are almost in tune then we hear a warble in the sound. The volume gets loud and soft a few times a second. It changes slower as the two notes get closer in tuning. We can use this effect to tune by ear (link). Why does this

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Using a tuner to work out your instrument’s weirdness

Most instruments have small variations in the tuning for each note compared with a “perfectly” tuned piano for example. Each instrument, not just each type of instrument, will have some notes that are a little sharp or flat compared to each other. As you get more experienced playing your instrument,

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Tuning without a Tuner

Most of the time, you can tune without using a tuner at all. You just need a note to tune to, then you can tune your own instrument to match. Usually it helps if you are both close to a reference pitch, so that instrument is playing at the tuning

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What is Tuning?

Tuning is a word used to describe the precise pitch of a note sung, or played by a musical instrument. There are three kinds of tuning that are important. The first is relative tuning, which refers to the relationship between different notes sung or played on the same instrument. Next, is

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