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Listen with your Eyes

Timbre has Synesthesia! Whistling is Blue Trumpet is sometimes Orange Well, sort of. The latest version of Timbre now displays the timbre of your instrument as a colour. The colour is chosen based on the relative strengths of the first few harmonics. I played around with several ways to map

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A Trailer for Tuner / Timbre Visualisation App

Here’s irony for you. It’s a trailer, for an app that is all about sound. And it’s a GIF, which can have no sound. However, Timbre has cool pictures. So here it is.


Hi, I’m Simon Parker and I am making an App called TimbreĀ for the iPhone. It lets you see a picture of the Timbre (or tone) of your musical instrument, as well as telling you if your notes are in tune. I started learning Clarinet when I was about 10 or

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