Digital Piano

I have a digital piano that has a relatively realistic sound at home, so I played some notes to see how they look in the Timbre app.

The first thing I noticed was that the picture changes as the note sustains. When the note is started, there are many more harmonics, but as the sustain continues, the harmonics settle down with everything but the note, the 5th, and the major 3rd fading away.

Here’s C2. A nice low and rich note.

C2 AttackC2 Sustain

Here’s C3. The early harmonics are more numerous than the later sustain.

C3 AttackC3 Sustain

Here’s C4; middle C. The timbre is noticeably more pure, and the picture seems to reflect this.

Here’s C3. An octave higher and the crystal purity of the tone is evident with the simple representation in Timbre.


I’ll be interested to try this with a proper analog Piano.

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