Student Trumpet Timbre

I was after an example of trumpet Timbre. So I imposed upon my 12 year old son, Max, who has been playing for a few years now. His tone is pretty good, at least until the higher notes. Please excuse any blatant trumpet ignorance on my part. 

So we started with a middle C. 

There’s lots of harmonics in a trumpet sound. And as we’ll see in a minute they include the higher notes on the same fingering. 

Next note on the same fingering is a G. 

Next is a C again.

Then we have an E. It’s interesting to note that the higher trumpet notes have a similar Timbre picture to those of a clarinet.

Interestingly, the E harmonic in the original middle C has a slightly different tuning. 

Next is a G again. 

Now it’s getting difficult. Max is getting the notes, but it’s a struggle and they lack the richness of the lower notes. Here’s the Bb. 

Here’s a high C. max didn’t even know if he could get this one. 

I’ll be interested to see an example from a more experienced player.

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