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Bass Clarinet Timbre

I sampled a couple of notes from a Bass Clarinet, played by the amazing Linda. A middle C on a Bass clarinet has a very similar shape to the bottom notes of a “standard” Bb Clarinet. Which makes perfect sense, since the Bass Clarinet is, in fact, a clarinet.   Here’s

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Clarinet Timbre in Rhapsody in Blue

I was trying to make a preview video for the upcoming release of the Timbre app and I worked out how to save a video of the app, so I combined practise for the upcoming concert of the Inner West Community Band with making the video.  As you might have

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Exploring Clarinet Timbre

I pulled out my Clarinet and wanted to see what Clarinet tone looked like in Timbre.   The Lowest E in the Chalumeau register looks like:     So there’s a nice strong harmonic at the B (5th) and some intriguing harmonics at a little under G#, a little above

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Hi, I’m Simon Parker and I am making an App called Timbre for the iPhone. It lets you see a picture of the Timbre (or tone) of your musical instrument, as well as telling you if your notes are in tune. I started learning Clarinet when I was about 10 or

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